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Why I love Wedding Photography...

Hi I’m Rebecca and I’m a photographer that loves to capture your day unfold in a natural beautiful way I have a documentary/reportage style which means I capture all the real moments from morning to night.

I start my Morning with the bride as she ready’s her self for the day ahead, makeup, hair and giggles. In this time I also like to take detail shots of rings, cuff links and anything else that represents the day in a big or small way.

From the bride I go to the groom where he may be awaiting his future bride at the alter sweating and looking nervous or maybe he plays it cool as he greets guests. I capture the moments of anticipation upon expectant guests faces and the excited glances of mums, dads, family & friends, I capture the moments as the groom glances at his watch and wonders how long.

As the bride arrives I capture the brides maids in their last minute arrangements of dresses and flowers, the excited smiles. As the big moment of the ceremony approaches with all the energy of love and hope for the unfolding future I capture the proud glances as the bride starts to walk the isle with maids and flower girls leading the way...

I capture the looks of love between the bride and groom and capture the atmosphere in the room. The I dos and the first kiss all documented forever to retell the storey over and over.

I then photograph any confetti thrown or bubbles blown and arrange group photos if wanted. The moments in between the ceremony and reception I like to take some photos of the bride and groom alone some magical photos which will look beautiful in a frame.

As drinks start to flow and discussions of the future & past are told I capture the laughs and enjoyment the giggles and silliness. I photograph children at play and everything along the way.

I capture the speech's with glasses raised, I capture cake cutting and kiddies cakey faces. I photograph the first dance till last dance in till the days storey is told !

After the day is done I then edit the photos and arrange them into order to show the beauty, love and enjoyment that the day was and present them to you in a beautiful album for you to share with family & Friends <3

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